Volleyball vs. Shasta College



The Hawks were on fire on all aspects of them game, the pitching, the defense, and especially the batting.  Amanda Horbasch pitched the whole first game for the Hawks and did an outstanding job.  Horbasch faced 24 batters in 6 innings, only allowing 3 hits, and ending the game with a total of 13 strikeouts.  The Hawks started the game on top scoring in the first inning, and then never looking back.  In the bottom of the 1st inning, Jessica Venturelli singles, and Christin Stein scores from 2nd base, the Hawks go up 1-0.  The next inning, in the bottom of the 2nd, the Hawks continue to add to their lead.  Carly Hintz comes up to bat and connects for a single; this then lets Nicole White- Madolora advance for the score from 2nd base.  After two wild pitches, Hintz finds herself on 3rd base, with Amy Pedretti up to bat.  Pedretti hits a single, letting Hintz advance home, with the score now 3-0.  Three innings later the score is still 3-0, and this is when the Hawks offense really clicks and puts the game out of reach.  In the bottom of the 5th, Pedretti comes up to bat and connects on a single, leading Stein from 2nd to 3rd base.  Next, the catcher makes an error on the pitch and Stein scores on a sliding effort.  One out later, Pedretti is on 3rd base and Horbasch is up to bat.  Horbasch singles out, advancing Pedretti home for the score.  Lassen College makes an error and this lets Horbasch advance to 2nd base.  Kacey Lutz comes up to bat, and makes a big time connection for a triple.  Horbasch comes home for the score off the triple, and Gail Oliver is next up.  Oliver hits a single to let Lutz advance home.  The inning ends and the Hawks are sitting at a comfortable 7-0 lead heading into the 6th inning.  Bree Spradling starts the bottom of the 6th inning off with a great single.  Hintz advances Watson to third with a solid double.  Next up is pinch hitter Haley Watson, Watson advances to first base on a fielder's choice.  Spradling then comes in for the final score of the game on an error by a Lassen player.  

The first game of the double header gets called early due to the Hawks being up 8-0.  From the start to the finish the Hawks were in total control of the game.  The offense was key to their success on the field as well as the team chemistry that they displayed all day.  Positive and strategic coaching by Kristy Schroeder set the Hawks apart on the field against the Cougars.  Statistically wise the Hawks had 6 players with RBI's: Horbasch, Venturelli, Pedretti, Lutz, Oliver, and Hintz.  

After field maintenance was done, the second game of the double header started.  The Hawks continued right where they left off.  Shasta Stinson led the Hawks from the mound in this second game.  Stinson had a dominating performance all 7 innings, facing a total of 28 batters, allowing only 4 hits, and finishing with 9 strikeouts.  Like the first game the Hawks started the bottom of the first inning off on the right foot, scoring a run to set themselves apart on the scoreboard.  Stein was up to bat first and singled. Pedretti was up next, during her at bat there was a wild pitch and Stein stole 2nd.  Pedretti continues batting and sacrifices herself to let Stein get to 3rd base.  The next at bat was another wild pitch, and Stein made a great effort to get home, putting the Hawks up 1-0.  Two innings later in the bottom of the 3rd the Hawks went on a solid three run streak.  Again, Stein comes up with a big time single to get the ball rolling and again on another wild pitch she steals 2nd base.  Another wild pitch by the Cougars and Stein finds herself on 3rd base.  Pedretti gets walked, and the Hawks have players on first and third.  Venturelli is up to bat and connects on a nice single, sending Pedretti to 3rd and Stein home for the score.  Horbasch comes to the plate and hits another single for the Hawks, advancing Venturelli to 3rd and Pedretti home for the score.  During the next at bat there is an error on the pitch and Venturelli scores, making the game 4-0.  The Cougars answer back and get their first score of the day in the top of the 4th inning.  Jacqui Smith doubles, then she advances to 3rd base on the next at bat, due to a sacrifice from Erica Roberson.  Next up was Erica Estrada; she singled out, advancing Smith to home for the score.  The top of the 4th ends and the Hawks are up to bat with an answer of their own.  Briana Cherry is up first and hits a double, then Oliver follows with a huge triple, advancing Cherry home.  The score is now 5-1 and it is the top of the 6th inning.  Stinson walks Estrada, and Rikki Kirchefer is up next to bat.  Kirchefer hits a double and advances Estrada home.  The Hawks again answer with a run of their own in the bottom of the 6th inning.  Cherry has a clutch double, and Oliver singles out next at bat to bring her home, the score ends at 6-2.  

All in all, Hawks Softball had a great day on the field.  The team is led by great leadership from the coaches.  During the entire game the players were very positive with each other and cheered each other on every at bat.  The next match up for the Hawks is another double-header against San Jose at home, Thursday, February 6th at 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.